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When will you learn
That you don't have to hate me
To break my heart
That you needn't speak so harshly
To scar my faith
And that while our hearts
Beat in such perfect unrhythm
Mine can never be whole
When will I learn
That there is not one 'true' love
The be and end all of existence
That reopening old wounds
Will never allow scars to heal
And that whilst the first love
May be strongest
There is always room for another
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 4 3
A girl sitting in a plane, can you see her? No-one else can, the mother busy with her screaming kids, the happy couple returning from their honeymoon, the fat teenager, his head bobbing away next to her. Can you see her remembering? What was, what is and what will never be. Dreaming of love and hate, true friendship and betrayal. Fear is dangerous, it makes you lie, but the more you do it, the better you get, 'I'm fine', 'Okay thanks', 'Yeah I'll call you'.
Can you see the comfortable shape of a gun pressing against her leg? She used to work in an airport, she knows the tricks. Can you see her standing, the pudgy flight attendants indignant face? Watch it transform into fear. Can you hear the chuck as the lever swings down and the door flies away?
You have just a few seconds to choose, how do you want to die? You can be trapped screaming and tethered to this horrendous distortion of nature, or you can be flying, falling free.
She knows her choice. Do you?
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 1 3
Her Cold Eyes
her cold eyes accused me
everyday of my wrongs
of the chaos left
in my unobtrusive wake
Melt further
Become one with the dark
Never again let the leaves rustle
In the breeze of your passing
so i melted softly
smooth as chocolate
locking the doors behind me
and binding my heart in love
squeezing blood from a stone
but sure enough here it comes
thick heavy and dull
moulding perfectly to your contours

hours days months pass
and still that beauty astounds
that angry acceptance
as her cold eyes accused me
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 4 6
The Unsent Letter
Dear [NAME],
As I write this to you I wonder if you will ever receive it. Which would you prefer? You sure have been the source of many emotions, funnily enough, never hate, what I had always considered my strongest emotion was weak and pathetic compared to my mindless infatuation for you. This dumb clumsy elephant just crushed a prize panther without even pausing. Sorry about the bad parallels but you understand what I'm trying to say… Anyway, I know you don't really want to hear this so I'm going to stop writing now. I should never have started. Everything was so much easier when I was a crazy freaky nobody, content to live in my books. Well now I'm here and I can't go back so I'm sorry for everything. Now finally I see how to tell you. I will never let you see this letter; you will never know anything more than how I have already hurt you. Just another year and we will go our separate ways forever. Just one more year. You will forget about me. We were beautiful in my dreams. Bu
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 3 7
As I was walking
Up the stair
I saw you hanging
In the air
Dearest friend
Best company
With noose and string
That set you free.
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 3 0
can't you see her?
I didn't realise
couldn't distinguish
bad and wrong
anger and fury
over the years I LEARN
to put this power
into a cage
a little glass box
I see her screaming
begging for that CONTROL
that power
I wonder where she's going
do you think,
she could find a way
through the spider bars?
can she find me?
let me in
I know what she wants
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 1 0
Little Miss Pretty
Little miss pretty
In dangerous woods
Bright clothes drawing
Twisted minds
Boughs snatching
Ripping beauty
Until only innocence remains,
And then that
Disappears as well
left all alone
with a monster
But do not worry
Joyless child
Father is not a monster
Father killed the monster
don't you remember?
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 2 11
dust to petals
pink and blue
love to ashes
and love anew
way of living
way to die
start to feel
and start to cry
watching petals
float away
dream to dream
another day
spirits free
rage in pain
killing souls
shattered chain
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 4 22
fire draining
fly free
saturate the purity
of gentle white folds
open the chasm wider
embrace the winding path
of uncertainty
colours and sounds
painted together
building walls
squeezing in
drawing out more
dry empty vessel
abandoned in a bathroom
surrounded by a halo of fire
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 2 13
Feather Falling
Feather talling,
Pure and bright,
Sinking slowly,
Through the night,
Through rivers of blood,
Firery shame,
Endurance of,
A deepest pain,
A stone baked bitter,
Hardened heart,
Buried hidden,
Cold and dark,
Rise up whole and,
Cleanse yourself,
Lick your wounds,
Redeem your health,
Love for you,
Love for your life,
Love the unknowing,
For even in,
The deepest night,
There is a distant,
Glint of light,
A feather falling,
Shining bright.
:iconqwertykey15:qwertykey15 3 5


Doodles - Never Be Perfect. by AmyATOMIC-x Doodles - Never Be Perfect. :iconamyatomic-x:AmyATOMIC-x 1 0 loathing my innocence by NeonFlames loathing my innocence :iconneonflames:NeonFlames 520 82 Joker Dark knight by Mathius88 Joker Dark knight :iconmathius88:Mathius88 140 45
I want to hold you,
And never let go,
My lifeline,
You keep my heart beating,
You keep the world turning,
And you keep me alive,
The stars are ours,
As is time and space,
Always to be,
Hands entwined,
For all to see,
A bond shared deep,
Within two souls,
You make me whole,
I'll never walk away,
From my one and only,
This will be,
The future tells,
Such beautiful tales,
Of things yet to come true,
I make a wish,
Upon a star,
To keep you,
Our love can be,
The night holds us,
Wrapped in an embrace,
Keeps us safe,
While dreams come true,
Lay in your arms forever,
It could be,
Our lives hold so much,
Promise me forever,
I want you so,
Romance must be,
Let me in,
Your love is all I need,
Never want anything more,
My faith will be,
Please never let me go,
Don't ever leave my side,
Stay, we could be,
My heart will always be yours,
Our time will be,
I want this to be,
:iconamyatomic-x:AmyATOMIC-x 3 9
Finger Art: Purple Day by Cathy86 Finger Art: Purple Day :iconcathy86:Cathy86 155 46
Open your eyes,
The truth is there to see,
Won't you listen,
I'm confessing,
This is the way I feel.
You're the reason for my smile,
Though you've never seen it,
You're the one I want beside me,
Though you don't even know it.
Even through the dark, I'm yours,
Don't leave me here alone,
Wondering how you feel,
Anything is possible,
Really wish you were with me,
Don't leave me in the dark...
:iconamyatomic-x:AmyATOMIC-x 8 15
Blind Faith by pullingcandy
Mature content
Blind Faith :iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 180 191
Your Taste Is My Attention by pullingcandy Your Taste Is My Attention :iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 149 51 Putting Holes in Happiness by pullingcandy Putting Holes in Happiness :iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 163 106 underwater by bitterev underwater :iconbitterev:bitterev 686 97
Innovation for Writers
There have always been a lot of writers on deviantART begging for more recognition. It's understandable that literature is given a lower priority: as I'm writing this, there are 3,280 "Writers" online, which compared to the 10,671 "Artists" is a relatively small community. So all of us writers whine about how we never get "the attention that we deserve." There are plenty of stamps declaring, "Writers are artists too!" and all that sort of thing. But we never really get anywhere.
Well let's get serious, people.
deviantART easily has the most impressive coding I've ever seen. And the latest updates of the message centre, notes and v7 were stunning. So much is possible; it's time to give writers the edge.
When deviantART's Portfolio feature was released, it stated:
"Some people ask if Portfolio supports Literature, Film or Flash Animations. Unfortunately these formats are not yet supported, but we are working hard to make sure to support these media in the future with presentation formats
:iconjonathoncomfortreed:jonathoncomfortreed 1,146 999
100 Piece Feature, Take 2!
100 Piece Challenge
Last year I did a 100 Piece Challenge (to find out more information click the title!) which was absolutely fun, and it went down really well
It consisted of 5 categories:
- Photography
- Poetry
-  Prose
- Mixed Art
- Suggested Art
This time, I'm going to have 5 categories again but they're going to be different!
Instead of having a seperate category for Poetry and Prose, there will be Literature and there's going to be a Traditional Art and a Digital Art category too
So, the NEW categories are as follows:
- Photography
- Literature
- Digital Art
- Traditional Art
- Suggested Art
All five of these categories have 20 slots each (these may be flexible if one category is under-subscribed) and it's based upon a first-come, first-served basis.
The Photography slots go really fast, so if you want your chance to have your photography in this then get your place FAST!!
To Enter for this
:iconthe-photographicpoet:the-photographicpoet 16 3
_last_man_standing_ by nocturnalMoTH _last_man_standing_ :iconnocturnalmoth:nocturnalMoTH 7,986 629 The Shapeshifter by ValentinaKallias The Shapeshifter :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 6,741 0



United Kingdom
Well, I think that that is all I can take.
I will not remove tributes or joint works.
Otherwise, all is gone apart from that which I cannot bear to delete.
I will be burning the paper copies as soon as I can.
I don't want sympathy, this is the way that it is, nothing will change that.
So lets get on with it.


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